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Grievance Policy for External Stakeholders

External Stakeholders are those who do not directly work for the Company but are affected somehow by the actions and outcomes of the latter. Clients, suppliers, creditors, and public groups are all considered external stakeholders.


The External Stakeholder’s grievance policy is intended to be the tool through which an External Stakeholder may formally have any discontent or dissatisfaction with Leading Language (the Company) investigated where such discontent or dissatisfaction might affect the quality or performance of the Company’s services.


Such grievances relate to complaints about misconduct that would negatively impact External Stakeholders. There can be many different reasons for an External Stakeholders grievance: however, some of the reasons are mentioned below. The grievance may:

  • Relate to the attitude of an Employee or Contractor toward an External Stakeholder, such as perceived notions of harassment, misconduct or bullying.

  • Arise from acts of any form of discrimination (such as, but not restricted to, discrimination related to age, sex, gender or religion)

  • Relate to the poor performance or poor quality of work done.

How to report grievance:

Where an event giving rise to a grievance occurs, the External Stakeholder needs to approach the Reporting Officer to report the grievance by submitting a complaint via email:

Employee or Contractor Type



Public groups or others

Reporting Officer

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Managing Director

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Reviewing Authority

Managing Director

Managing Director

Managing Director


Business Development and Marketing Manager:

Dimakatso Songoane:

Managing Director:

Karen Longley:

How reports received will be handled

The grievance will be handled according to the following steps:


Level 1

The Reporting Officer will acknowledge receipt of the grievance via email within 48 hours of the matter being reported.

The Reporting Officer will have a discussion with the External Stakeholder on the status on the status of the matter to the Managing Director within 2 working days.


Level 2

Where the External Stakeholder is unhappy with the response of the Reporting Officer or if the issue has not been addressed, the External Stakeholder could escalate the issue directly to the Managing Director. The Managing Director will have a discussion with the External Stakeholder and strive to address the issue within a reasonable period that will be agreed upon between the parties and via email.

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