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Language training

The quintessential way to improve communication is to acquire language skills. We listen to what you want in order to design a training programme for you and your company that is interactive, user-friendly, relevant and professional.

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Business communication workshops

Let us help you to maximise  your chances of success for strategic projects or missions by rapidly developing the specific skills needed. Our workshop offer includes: 

• Successful Presentations

• Speed Reading

• Business Etiquette

• Cultural Awareness

• Business Writing Skills

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Translation and interpretation

Use our experience to ensure that your business events run smoothly. We can facilitate meetings and conferences by providing you with simultaneous or consecutive interpreting solutions. We are also able to handle the translation of any technical, commercial or business documents. Translations are done by experienced translators and deadlines are respected. For the translation of official documents and contracts, our sworn translation services can help you to gain precious time. Save time and money by getting your translations done right, first time.

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Company language audits

This allows you to take stock before proceeding with skills development, identify your training prorities and get a global view of the company language skills. You can then compare individual levels with job requirements in terms of performance, make sure you are investing in the right people and get a rapid return on your investment. Contact us to set up a language audit in your company.


English for expats

Our experience shows that when expatriation fails, in the vast majority of cases it is due to the poor integration of the family unit. We focus on minimising the risk of failure by providing a high level of concern and availability over the entire period of expatriation in order to help reduce stress level. This is foremost in our minds at al times. The actual content of the training focuses on immediate survival English and trouble-shooting, such as facilitating contact with schools, visiting places of interest such as shopping centres, museum, art galleries etc. Lessons can take place either at the office or, in the case of families, at home.

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Online learning platforms

With a combination of an online tutor platform and efficient e-Learning programmes, learners are able to make quick progress and become more fluent and at ease in the language. Sessions take place from the comfort of one’s office or home at the time that suits best. No problems with booking rooms or traveling and no transport costs. Both platforms can be accessed 24/7. The modules are currently available in English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian,Spanish,Dutch, Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

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One-to-One or group training

We work specifically on both language (grammar and vocabulary) and communication skills to suit learners' needs and enable them to do their job more efficiently. Courses can be either on a one-to-one basis or learners of a similar level can be grouped together. All learners are given an online placement test before starting their training. We recommend a Blended Learning approach combining virtual classroom-based lessons with an e-learning component.

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Speed Reading

This course in Speed Reading could permanently increase your reading speed and improve your retention. It is likely to save you time every day and allow you to be better informed. You retain more, as the brain works better at higher reading speeds and you will learn how to read at the correct pace. Most people are likely to see an improvement from reading approximately 230 words per minute to reading 500 to 700 words per minute by the end of the course and retaining between 20 to 30% more. You are tested throughout the course on speed and retention of information to ensure optimum improvement.

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Cross-cultural communication skills

This workshop is designed to help participants develop their communication skills in order to gain more confidence when living and working in a multi-cultural environment. Working in a new culture or with a team from a culture other than your own can be nothing short of a series of challenges. A lack of cultural understanding can lead to misunderstanding, loss of business and team dysfunction. Our cross-cultural communication skills courses are practical, interactive programmes designed to prepare participants to work in multi-cultural offices, travel abroad, or quickly become familiar with working and living in South Africa and/or the rest of Africa. In addition to providing a framework for understanding different cultures, cross-cultural challenges and issues related to communication our workshops offer sound advice that can immediately be put into practice.




The professional experience and well-established reputation we have acquired over the years in business language training allows LEADING LANGUAGE to provide our clients with excellent service.These clients are A-list companies represented both nationally and internationally. Communicating effectively in the business world with customers or partners has never been more important. We offer high-quality, custom-made training programmes adapted to your company culture and the budget you have available. We also perform language audits for recruitment and training requirements and first rate translation and interpreting services.

We go where the training takes us. All our courses are now accessible online. Our tutors deliver lessons and workshops using any of the different video-conferencing tools currently available. So, whether you are located in downtown Johannesburg, in one of the other centres in South Africa or in the neighbouring countries, we can help you with your training. In addition, our online learning platform gives you access to ten different languages, worldwide.

We develop
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Our goal
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Among the many reasons why you should choose Leading Language for your language training and business communication needs, the following are fundamental when structuring high quality, cost effective training programmes:

• Efficient online training interfaces

• Professional team of qualified trainers

• People-driven

• Responsive to client needs

• Communication is our game


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Are you interested in joining our dynamic team of freelance tutors?

The following criteria are important:

  • Have a language teaching qualification/diploma,

  • Have at least two years’ experience teaching languages in either a group or 1-to-1 environment and either face-to-face or via the internet,

  • Be a native / proficient speaker of the language you wish to teach,

  • Be able to offer a wide choice of availability on your schedule,

  • Have good administrative skills


Your Leading Language Contacts

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Mobile: +27 (0)76 429 1049




Language Training Consultant

Mobile: +27 (0)83 601 6331



For any inquiries and questions please fill out the following form:

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For procurement purposes, Leading Language has the following documents available on request:

• SANAS BEE Certificate

• Tax Clearance Certificate

• Company Registration Documents

• Banking Verification

• Letter of Good Standing


To apply for a job with Leading Language, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:


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