French is the second most spoken language in Africa and the third most useful language spoken in business world-wide. Want to take big steps in furthering your career? Then this is for you! Speaking French opens doors to careers in teaching, business, diplomacy, research, translation, travel and the hospitality industry. And finally, be able to watch those French movies without the subtitles…

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    Our course introduces the basics of the French language and culture, focusing on the practical use of the language and cultural awareness. We will look at practical aspects of the language in order to learn to speak and build listening skills.

    Learn how to greet people, make small talk, ask for directions, check in at the airport and order that fabulous French meal. We will also help you to write emails, work on that pronunciation and throw in some basic grammar. Learn more about French-speaking people around the world and what makes the French so "French"!

    Get a free uTalk App worth ZAR 500 when you sign up! Includes 5 years of free access to this mobile language app. With more than 50 topics, such as travel, food, family, you will receive hours of additional training materials: hundreds of reading, listening and repeating exercises. A fantastic complement to your online lessons!